Shipping Supplies

Combination Air Tray

  • Leak Resistant Inner Tray
  • 1"x4" pine frame with 3/8" Plywood base
  • Six sturdy strap handles
  • Two interior securing straps
  • Foam Mattress, body shroud
  • interior corrugated liner and top
  • Pop-up exterior hood with shipping label
  • Knocks down to 4" for easy storage and shipping
  • Metal protective corners

Wood Base Air Tray

  • 1"x4" pine frame with Plywood or OSB board base
  • Six Soft strap handles
  • Securing Straps with removable buckles
  • Casket bag and shipping labels provided
  • Metal protective corners, securely screwed
  • Available in 1x6 pine frame

Ziegler Case

  • Metal Body transfer shipping case
  • Excellent for disinterment, overseas shipping and as a holding vault
  • 20 Gauge steel construction
  • Channel gasket in lid
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Integral handles
  • Custom made wooden shipper and Ziegler size Air Trays available

International Shipping Container

  • Sturdy 5/8" plywood box
  • Available top-load, end load or knock-down
  • The top load is excellent as a grave liner
  • While the end-load is great for loading straight onto a vehicle for transportation
  • Custom size available
  • Also available in zinc lined interior