American Casket Ivan Brewstar Containers Mfg.

Since 1989 Ivan Brewstar Containers has built a reputation for quick service with quality products for the funeral profession. After extensive research and development, including feedback from many funeral directors, our first shipping containers were tested and certified by Test O Pac In Fremont Ca. We continuously look to expand and improve our product line to meet the needs of our industry.

In addition to shipping containers, Ivan Brewstar Containers is a leader in cremation supplies. Through the years, we have developed a full line of affordable, leak resistant, sturdy cremation containers. A decade later Ivan Brewstar and American Casket Mfg. a leader in cloth covered caskets combined as one, offering a full line of affordable cloth covered caskets. As a manufacturer, we are able to offer competitive pricing on all your cremation and shipping supplies including cloth covered casket needs.

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Today, Tomorrow & Beyond.

American Casket Ivan Brewstar Containers Mfg. Company manufactures environmentally friendly products. We gladly customize caskets to your specifications with regard to finishes, moldings, hardware, and interiors, making a casket unique like the individual.

We offer a wide selection of metal caskets, wood caskets, and cloth funeral caskets for sale in both standard and oversized widths, with varying colors, steel thickness, hardware, panels, imagery, and style options. Our elegant burial caskets are handcrafted and fully customizable.

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